Monster Rally- Return to Paradise LP

Monster Rally

Started back in 2010, Monster Rally is the Los Angeles based solo project of Ted Feighan. A connoisseur of a variety of classic R&B, tropicalia, hip-hop, and world grooves, Ted has built a wide range of beats and songs with an equally impressive diversity of sound across a number of releases, remixes, and collaborations.

Back in October, he teamed up with the Oakland, California based label, Gold Robot Records, to put out a new LP length collection of seventeen tracks entitled “Return to Paradise”.

The album sees Monster Rally at it’s greatest, with warm vibes, upbeat grooves, and chill moments running aplenty amidst Oriental, Latin, Bossa Nova, Salsa, Acid Jazz, and a myriad of other tones, hooks, basslines, and rhythms under the umbrella of ever present psychedelia. And while each track journeys into it’s own realm, the album listened to in its entirety is truly majestic.

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