Triptides- Couch Surfer

You may or may not be familiar with Triptides out of Bloomington, Indiana. Formed back in 2010, they have been around  for a few years now and just recently set out on a west coast and midwest tour with their  3-piece, mildly psychy, and mucho lo-fi-ishly surfy rock sound infused with elements of The Zombies, Tame Impala, Real Estate, The Beach Boys, and many others who the dudes in Triptides openly acknowledge as rather important influences on their style. Their track, “Couch Surfer” is taken from a pairing of songs made available as free mp3 singles on their bandcamp page back in January. The tune certainly gives a slight nod or two to some of these influences, yet at the same time takes on a life of its own with its lighthearted, melodic, dreamy, and 60s surf poppish tone similar to that of Seapony, Tropical Popsicle, Best Coast, etc.

Again, this track is available for free directly from their bandcamp page. So give it a quick download,  set off on the road, and get to couchsurfing dudes! Do it now! Cool beans? Cool beans.


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